Oberlin College Flaming Blades



Our name and team colors (rainbow) tend to turn heads and invite questions. Our penchant for rainbow is explained by alumna Catie as

"...basically a play on the general reputation/stereotype that people in the Cleveland area have about Obies -- i.e., that we're all queer hippies. Basically it represents Oberlin's diversity while at the same time making fun of the stereotype, especially since at the time the patch was adopted there was only one person of alternative sexuality on the team".

Our team name, besides being used to strike fear into the hearts of the gods themselves, is a reference to the movie Zorro, the Gay Blade. Yes, we compete in rainbow socks (which we buy from a lingerie store), and yes, we are the prettiest.

Top Ten Ways To Impersonate An Obie

  1. Learn to frighten "normal" people just by showing up.
  2. Repair clothing with duct tape.
  3. Sleep with people, in general.
  4. Major in three things most Americans cannot comprehend.
  5. Criticize anything popular.
  6. Claim a location that is at least 1000 miles away as home.
  7. Stop washing your fencing clothing.
  8. Buy your socks from a Circus clown outfitter.
  9. Never dine out.
  10. If you're a woman, stop shaving your legs. If you're a man, start.

--Jeff Rodachy, aka CyberRoach (Since 1975, making the world a tad more surreal.)